Pepe Maina

Pepe Maina is an Italian composer and multi instumentalist.
He was born in Milan. No diploma from any Conservatory, no Bachelor's degree, no prizes, in short, nothing that could lead you to believe that from a young age, he might become somebody…
A self-taught Musician, for 20 years he has attempted to create and translate into Music, atmospheres and images absolutely anti-commercially. Blindly intolerant of the logic of the Italian music market.
Strange guy, no?
Almost all his Music is self-produced and realized at his Nonsense Studio, with the exception of his album "Il Canto dell'Arpa e del Flauto", which came out in 1978 for CGD.
His collaborative projects have been extremely varied, from Theater to documentaries, from advertising to a long string of unmentionable bullshit.
His work is part of a larger discography that continues to grow: celebrate the cycles and the seasons with Music is always better than having your brain fucked by the media...

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