Manrico & Nicola - Le Piante Del Lago LP



Manrico & Nicola
Manrico & Nicola - Le Piante Del Lago LP


This release will be individually 300 hand-numbered limited edition.

It's dedicated to a 1990 previuosly unreleased project by the Duo Manrico & Nicola - the Italian artist, singer, musician, composer and author MANRICO MOLOGNI and the saxophonist, composer and sound engineer NICOLA CALGARI + 2 Special New Balearic Versions by Nicola & Ed Longo. Artwork by Filippo Sala.

Milan, 1990. Manrico and Nicola have been collaborating for some time. In artistic harmony, they decide to form a Duo and undertake the production of their own album; a bunch of records are still being sold, life still speaks of palpable and non-virtual emotions, the digital world is far away. Nine songs are identified, arranged, recorded and our two, on the wave of the enthusiasm that their "alchemy" seems to give excellent results, now at the last stage of the work, with provisional but indicative mixes, without effort they immediately find producers already interested in publishing the project.
But a misfortune strikes, relegating the Duo, the project and the album to remain in the drawer perhaps forever: Manrico is ill, and seriously.
Both for the respect of a unique creative moment, and for a sort of psychological "removal", all this is forgotten until recently and by chance Manrico has an old cassette with a couple of those songs in his hands: the memory resurfaces and it's immediately the race to meet again; so after the little left of some archive of the many recording studios he had, Nicola finds the DAT with those temporary mixes that have been waiting for years with their emotional content.
Finding a way to transfer the songs from those media is not easy, there is no functioning device and the very delicate DAT were usually short-lived. But the miracle takes place, quite by chance the friend Massimo Parretti in his post-production studio is still equipped and… everything works, the sound unfolds intact as 30 years before!
The rest is news, some additions where the mixes were lacking and here is a 1990 album and a piece of history resurfacing, finally ready to be listened to.