Safari of love / Carly 12


A. Safari of love
B. Carly
Safari of love / Carly 12"



This release is individually 500 hand-numbered limited edition. The first 100 copies are pressed on GREEN vinyls (AR003).

On sale from 27th April 2015.

Bandcamp Archeo Recordings


"Safari of love" is bloody unique, a true visionary oddity, filled with strange breaks, sound design, mumbling voices, crazy pre-acid echoes bouncing everywhere, and majestic, typically italian-OST strings and keyboards.
The whole thing sounding like a pattern for DJ Harvey's entire Black Cock series. Crazy marvellous!

This epic space jam hit where it hurts and showed no mercy. Beyond evil production by Allan Goldberg (producer/arranger for Santo, Slang, Azoto, Gaznevada) with Vince Tempera killing it on keys, you can't go wrong on this drugged out monster!
This sounds next level even now, you can only imagine what it must have sounded like in 1977, a mighty beast that kicks the discoball out of the stratosphere!

"On the safari of love
that's where you'll find me.

On the safari of love
that's where you'll find me.

Hunting or hunted
on the safari of love."

Miro used to paint his beard in GREEN at that period! Check the original videos! Fantastic!!