Yawn Yawn Yawn 3xLP


A1. Yawn Yawn Yawn (Dream... Another Reality Mix)
A2. Yawn Yawn Yawn (Dream... Another Reality Instrumental)
B1. Yawn Yawn Yawn (G-Tar Cannyon Mix)
B2. Yawn Yawn Yawn (Thankful Mix)
C1. BeyondThe Outside (Feel The Sky, Feel The Wind... Nature Mix)
C2. Beyond The Outside (Feel The Sky, Feel The Wind... Nature Instrumental)
C3. Beyond The Outside (G-Taracapella)
D1. Beyond The Outside (Storm Mix)
D2. Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves Mix)
D3. Song With No Words (Laughing Instrumental)
E2. Beyond The Outside (MAX ESSA REMIX)
F1. Yawn Yawn Yawn (YABE MIX)
F2. Song With No Words (KUNIYUKI REMIX)
Sth. Notional
Yawn Yawn Yawn 3xLP


This release will be individually 1000 hand-numbered limited edition with all the ORIGINAL tracks (1992), contained both in the CD and in the now so rare 12" + 4 SPECIAL REMIXES from our Japanese men, none than... Chee Shimizu (Organic Music), Max Essa, Tadashi Yabe (U.F.O.) and Kuniyuki. The first 200 copies will be pressed on BLUE TRANSPARENT vinyls (AR012).

A special thanks to these 4 men... you can have all the entire Music of the World covered from these 4 respectful Artists:
Chee Shimizu did a delicate Organic and Spiritual Remix, drawing from his huge and unbelievable knowledge of the past worldwide gems.
Max Essa did his Balearic touch for a revitalized and sparkling Remix that brings you at a beautiful sunset in Ibiza back in the 90s but also on a crowded dancefloor.
Tadashi Yabe did his expert and happy Remix, between Downtempo, Acid Jazz (U.F.O.) and a Folk Rock / Acoustic Bruce Langhorne-ish style.

Former United Future Organisation member, Tadashi Yabe, expertly smashes together bells, bird-calls, Blues hollers, chants, children`s records, Family Stone-esque Funk, harps, horns, James Brown, Jon Hendricks, kalimbas, MC5-like Rock testifying, opera, and public information broadcasts. Creating a crazy, collaged sample-delic Jazz spiritual. Somewhere between Buffalo Daughter and Mike Kandel`s Tranquility Bass. Subverting the original`s serene float, and waving its Freak flag high. I honestly can`t get enough of it, and it`s general disregard for expectations. And rules. A musical magical mystery tour. Like The Beatles Revolution No. 9 set to a Balearic chug. Take this brother. May it serve you well.
(Dr. Rob on Ban Ban Ton Ton).

And last but not least:
Kuniyuki Takahashi did his unmistakable Cosmic voyage that brings you totally in another dimension.
Arigato gozaimasu!

On sale for the end of March 2018!